A Type - 10mm Diameter

Made to Order:
Unique Sash Balances are suitable for replacement or new installation in double hung (vertical sliding) aluminium or timber sash windows.
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Details for the required Sash Balance

Unique Sash Balances are suitable for the replacement of existing sash balances or to be fitted to new windows. When correctly installed, Unique Sash Balances will deliver reliable operation. The combination of quality materials and skilled Australian assembly practices allow the customer to select the required sash balance.

With the correct body length and glazed sash frame weight, this information finds the required Unique Sash Balance.

Made to fit typical Australian sash window rebate (groove) details in Timber or Aluminium double hung (vertical sliding).


A Type Sash Balances are available in White.


Foot Types available are HA1.

Please specify required foot type in your enquiry.